that durned fruit

Durian. Practically a curse word now. Banned in public places in most Asian countries, this Thai fruit has the unsavory reputation of being utterly disgusting. The smell is what made it banned; just carrying this spiked monstrosity surrounds you in a haze of puke-inducing vapor. I’d heard rumors of this before actually encountering the beastie, but had also heard that the inside fruit had the consistency of pudding, and tasted rather like ice cream. Well, says I, I’m adventurous, I’m young, I can stand a little smell for some delicious fruit, right?

Wrong. Those people are crazy. Durian might be the most vile, foul, rancid plant flesh ever to pass my unfortunate lips.

Never again. My stomach has not yet recovered. I have a headache. I might have an internal nosebleed.


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