scary hallways

“It looks like the setting for some zombie movie.” Such were my friend’s encouraging words as we walked around the hospital, trying to find our way.

See, it was Saturday, and our leader had gone to Costco to buy some food, but it’s an expensive trip and we didn’t all need to go. The rest of us, therefore, decided that it would be a good opportunity to completely veg out (which we did) and go to the coffee shop at the hospital. This coffee shop, Dante, has amazing coffee and food to boot.

It’s maybe a two or three mile bike ride, and the breeze was blowing in the late afternoon, sweeping our hair around under our helmets. Very pleasant indeed. We had been once before, but our friend had driven us in her car, and we’d parked in the underground garage. So we weren’t entirely sure where to leave the bikes.

Eventually we went to the main entrance, free of bikes, but saw a smaller entrance off to the side with some mopeds on the walkway. Feeling incredibly smart and world-wise, we locked up our bikes and headed through the two open automatic doors. I say open with emphasis, for once we got inside, it was deserted. Like horror movie, closed shop kind of deserted. Lights were off, no one was around. We crept through, my friend uttered her wonderful remark, and we tried not to get spooked out. I mean, after all, the worst that could happen was for us to get thrown out, right? But we could pull the dumb American thing if we had to.

We didn’t though. We were able to find some well-lit elevators and joined a few people in heading down to the food court. After eating a delicious meal, we headed back to the hallways of doom…er, the nephrology department, that is. It was still dark, still deserted, and still open. Nothing was locked. Except for the second automatic door. We saw our bikes waiting there invitingly, but there was no getting through that last door. I think it was just stuck, or maybe didn’t sense us. At any rate, we headed out the main entrance, got our bikes, and laughed all the way home.

What an adventure. I swear we do more wrong things without being caught. Or maybe that’s just the way it is here.



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