much needed break


It was Thursday. We’d had a busy first week with the kids; a very boisterous, often naughty group (adorable little stinkers). So by the last night, we were itching for a change. What was the natural solution? McDonald’s! The American-out-of-place haven. After a little debate on whether we’d bike the 2 or more miles there, we decided to call a taxi. Now, calling a taxi is always an adventure. Sure, you can press 4 for English, but that’s a little misleading. It means that usually they will speak some English.

We had one of our Taiwanese teachers translate, and soon we were walking out of the school, purses on our shoulders, heading for a little piece of home.

The taxi came, we hopped in, and…had a time of it telling the driver where to go. Yes, the teacher had said McDonald’s on the phone, but somehow this man seemed to have missed that. “McDonald’s,” says our leader. “Cheese hamburger. I want to eat.” She says in Chinese. He looks confused. Well, so would I, if a strange blonde lady started putting up the “m” sign at me.

Eventually she just directed him turn by turn, and we got there. I think our driver learned some English that night.

We entered, got our delicious burgers, and sat for a good hour reading and enjoying the rare A/C. Then giant caramel frappes from the McCafe, complete with “whipped cream.” Nope. It was ice cream, ma’am, but that’s okay, because ice cream is delicious, and we love caramel shakes! For real, they were incredible. Well worth the ten minute wait.


We were…


a little crazy,


a little tired,


a little…uh…


Oh, and come time to leave, we had to sort our trash. And by sort, I mean a meticulous and complicated system designed for only the smartest Americans.


Returning home was another adventure. We tried to tell the person on the phone where we were, but eventually we just had the manager tell them. Ah, what people will do for lost looking foreigners. Although we did see another white person come in. I swear he looked like an engineer. We stared as much as the natives.

Now we have burgers in our bellies, and that should last us a good week. Hmm, maybe this could become a tradition?




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