a brief stay in hualien


We stayed two half days and a night in Hualien for training this past weekend. It was fantastic to be able to see all of their kids; and the scenery was gorgeous. Hualien is on the opposite side of the island, so we had to take the HSR (high-speed rail) to Taipei, and then a train down to the city. As we go down, there are mountains on one side and the ocean on the other. I love a long train ride. Finished two books on the journeys.


Once there, we stayed in a little homestay (Bed and Breakfast), with huge fluffy beds and a WHIRLPOOL BATHTUB. Since our home does not have a tub at all, this was the ultimate luxury, along with working A/C and the fantastic Western breakfast.


After the first evening watching the Hualien team teach, we went to eat curry and stopped by the ocean. Ah, what words can describe the other-world feeling of gazing at the pitch-black nothing between the ocean and its horizon?




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