home pt 2


Home. It means a lot. It means the place we feel comfortable; the place we return to to re-charge and relax. I have moved my home from a small suburban town in America to a small rural town in Taiwan.


The first morning we threw ourselves into the routine with a bike ride into town, along a beautiful trail. I don’t bike in the States. Where I used to live was not conducive to it, and everything worth going to was much too far away. Here…well, let’s just say my legs will be so fit after the year! Seems like everything is within a few minutes of biking.


At the vegetable stand, the very friendly lady speaking rapidly in Chinese told us we were pretty. That’s all I got. A man in a truck with a roast chicken in a bag tried to sell or give it to me, I’m not sure which. I said “Meiyou, meiyou. Xie xie.” (No, no, thank you). I hope I wasn’t rude. I just didn’t want a roast chicken in a plastic bag on my bike.

One last thing before I end: we got welcome bags from our team leader, and on the bottom of the bag it says – “I love Taiwan. Pig’s blood cake . deep fired chicken breast . Mutton hot pothot pot . Pig blood Soup Tinky tofu … TAIWAN is Good !!”

(Note: All spelling and punctuation per the bag. And Tinky tofu is Stinky tofu, for those of you who might not know.)


I love this place.



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