We have just left Taipei, but it needs some reflection and the contrast with the small town I’m in now for it to make sense.


Taipei is pretty much a general international big city; tall buildings, lots of cars, lots of honking, crowds of people, big malls and poorer areas.

I did like it, but I’m glad to have left, and it’s not a place I’d ever want to live in. Visit, yes, but not live.

Some things to note about Taipei that differentiate it from another big city, say, New York: masses of mopeds,


crosswalks that go beep, boop, beep, boop, faster and faster as the time to cross shortens (note; the times are long, usually over a minute), the 7, not a gas station,


Taipei 101, the very tall building,


and the smells and sounds of city life that are a universal jumble on the stage of humanity.


I can’t begin to put all the pictures I took in this city, so I will post another bit on Taipei another time.

Until then,

otter. 再见


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