adventure is out there

When you read this I will be on a plane, flying somewhere over the Pacific Ocean, crossing that vast blue nothing toward adventure.

Now, surely by this time I will also have strayed through every emotion known to man; excitement, dread, anticipation, anxiety, depression, euphoria, and will most likely be either sobbing my eyes our or laughing hysterically. Or both. I pity my seatmates.

Well, aside from that, it has FINALLY come. Over a year of waiting, and this moment has arrived with little more than early-morning bleariness and some teary good-byes.

In Taiwan, we will have to find a new place, a new way to belong. We must learn to make new friends and new familiarity with new environs. I’m not scared; eager, if anything, but worried that my expectations of loving the new country will overshoot the reality of the place. But how can it, when my only expectation is that it will be different?

I think we all feel the desire to see above the fence, beyond our skies, beyond whatever mountains impede our seeing behind. That forever distance that curves away from us, always beyond our out-stretched hands as we run towards it. Some will trip and stay planted in the dirt, seeing only the detail of the ground; some will rise above and fly so fast they can’t see anything worthwhile, and some will run all their lives, chasing their own tails around the globe. And I? I intend to chase the world around, filling my brain and greedy soul with the images of people and places I could once find only in books. For what purpose? None but adventure. It’s out there, my friends, and here’s me running after it.


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