can’t believe it

In less than two weeks, I shall be on a plane, heading halfway round the world to a tiny island about the size of Maryland. While I have been waiting for this for over a year, the fact that it’s quickly approaching hasn’t sunk in. I know it’s coming, and everything I’m doing these days is centered around the move, but I still can’t adjust my mind to the idea of being somewhere else for nearly a year.

While the last days of school sweep by, I’ve been busy buying up everything (thanks mum!) I’ll need and collecting data where I can. We have our team assignments, a schedule for the first month or so, and concrete details about accommodations and practical living. It’s going to be fantastic! Our leader has been in the same town for a year, so she’s going to be showing us the ropes and helping us along – a real relief, to be honest. I was a bit worried about arriving and immediately having to teach, so knowing I won’t have to lets me breathe easier.

You might not hear from me for a while – unless I decide to post some of the information I find on Taiwan. Never fear though! Once I arrive I plan to take pictures at once.

Until then,  再见! (zaijian – goodbye)


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