It’s been a busy week, and next week isn’t looking much better. School is nearly over, and project due dates are looming. Fortunately, I’m meeting my group today at an Asian Market. I say fortunately because I’m dying for some bean buns or something. We’re doing The Tale of Genji, and thought seaweed samples would not go amiss. Are we awesome or what?

Today I’ve been working on a few crafty bits.


Knitting another washcloth. I adore this color.


Starting another project involving old black and white photos. Me with long hair…I miss it. *le sigh

Plans for the weekend:

Not working – my shift was cancelled. Yay!

Trying natural toothpaste

Making oatmeal casserole

Experimenting with my camera – I feel like I haven’t been doing this enough. Sure, my pictures are all better quality, but the artistic side is a little lacking. The little artist inside me is whining.

Annoying bank stuff – trying to see if my debit card will work overseas



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