bath flannel

A few weeks ago, on one of our many Half-Price Book runs, my dear mum picked up this book. (Interesting that Amazon US didn’t have it…)


The author grew up in South Africa, so the book has some English traditions as well as a few native remedies and recipes. Aside from the practicality, it’s a very interesting read.

One of the things I decided to try was this bath flannel pattern. It’s mostly knitted with a crochet border, and it’s fantastic for pulling off masks and exfoliants. I really like the idea of homemade washcloths; well, homemade everything, I suppose. If it can be, I will!



It turned out fairly excellent, in my opinion. I love knitting cotton; and the texture is splendid.

I used Louisa Harding nautical cotton, with a size 7 needle and an H hook. I think needle size will depend on your yarn and the desired tightness of the stitches.





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