the mad herbalist: water kefir pt 2

It’s been one day since I made the first bit of water kefir. The kefir isn’t ready yet though. It needed this one day to ferment into kefir, and it will need one more day to make the finished beverage.

Using the recipe from the same website, I made (am making) strawberry lemonade kefir!


You can see the fermented kefir on the right, the new batch on the left. (To make more later.) They look very similar at this point, but I’m sure that’s just coincidence. Right?


The recipe is really simple. Literally just pureed strawberries and a couple slices of lemon. Make sure they’re organic lemons, or you’ll need to peel them. I used about six strawberries here, and I’m hoping it will make it much more flavorful. The smell of the kefir…well, let’s just say it’s redolent of dirty beer.


This is is all ready to ferment for another 24 hours. Looks delicious, right? (Sarcasm…)


In making the original kefir, use a paper towel lid so the grains can breathe. Basically you don’t want the lid to explode with the buildup of gases. But in this stage, to make a fizzy, extra-carbonated drink, you do want an air-tight lid. I didn’t have one that fit the jar, so I improvised.

Can’t wait to try the finished product tomorrow!


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