the mad herbalist: water kefir pt 1


As we’ll be going to Taiwan, where the food is very different and there’s a good chance it won’t agree with our stomachs, I thought it would be an excellent idea to take a portable probiotic. We had thought about regular milk kefir, as my friend is familiar with that, but it requires raw milk, which will be basically impossible to get overseas. We had pretty much given up hope when someone told us about water kefir. It sounds very similar to kombucha, and probably is. Anyway, upon finding out about this excellent alternative, I ordered some grains forthwith. They arrived dehydrated (above), and I rehydrated them in sugar water for about four days.

After four days, they became bigger and more like the cauliflower grains they’re supposed to look like.


I threw out the first batch of kefir, as it can be a little flat when the grains are first re-hydrating. This time I used the same recipe, found here, but used organic sugar instead. This recipe adds fruit to the batch as well, which I didn’t do. Mostly because I didn’t have any on hand, but I’ll be making this into an actual drink in the second stage, and I’ll add fruit then. I’m also interested to see what kefir tastes like plain.



After 24 hours fermenting away from sunlight, I will make this into the carbonated, flavored drink that will (hopefully) be a delicious and healthy soda alternative.


(The site above where I found the recipe is a great source of information about the health benefits of kefir as well.)

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