the mad herbalist: cleansing cream


This is my first attempt at making something. It’s a cleansing cream that can also be used as a moisturizer. It was…difficult. Not that it was so very hard to mix up, but the cleaning up…gah. I think I put in too much beeswax, for one thing, and it hardened in the blender. I had a job of it cleaning it out. But, we shall see how this works.

I got the recipe from the Organic Body Care book I mentioned previously. It didn’t make much, fortunately, which will mean I won’t have to toss as much if it’s rubbish.


I may need to try it again if it ends up being too waxy.

(Update) Since I wrote this on the day of cooking, I’ve tried it out a few times. It does seem to be thicker than it said in the recipe, but it works great as a night-time heavy face and hand moisturizer. I count this a success. ;)



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