preparation, and summer

I’ve finally sent off the application. Cue heavy sigh of relief. Now I will wait impatiently for the verdict, and who knows how long that will take. But it’s in the Creator’s hands now, and there I shall leave it. My packing list has sprouted, and will no doubt grow many angry heads as the days progress. Already I’ve had to add ‘vegetable peeler’ and ‘can opener,’ to it, for fear I’ll forget those important utensils in the last days’ rush. But nothing can quite eclipse the radiant happiness and excitement I feel whenever I think of this journey. Not just another job, not just a cultural experience, but the next step in my life, the time when I can really say, “I have grown up, see, this I have done on my own.”


In the meantime, summer has come, with little green mysteries growing in the garden, and as the sun beats relentlessly down, I will pass the days lazily enough. Books beckon, my imagination blossoms, and the sun stretches the shadows long in the evening…


(But oh, I will NOT miss the heat.)

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