like a needle sewing thread


I’d never tried quilting before. I mean, as a crafter, any medium is pretty attractive, but quilting was one of those things I just never found myself doing. Partly because of the enormity of it (I mean, to make anything useful, it has to be big, right?), and partly the cost.

But I was bitten by the bug after going to the Quilt Asylum in Mckinney. Let me tell you, as a relative newcomer to quilt stores, the explosion of colors and prints was nearly suffocatingly delightful. I mean, I ooed and aahed terribly, running hands over the bolts and weaving a thousand fantasies of complex quilts to cover all the beds in America.

To make a long story short, I saw a series of fabrics featuring animals and Arabian nights-esque characters. Smitten? Oh yes. I found a pattern to display these cuties, and nary two-ish months later, I’m nearing completion. But don’t let the picture fool you, I still have the border and the backing to do. Apart from that, I think it looks quite snazzy.

(And look. All my seams are basically straight!)


One thought on “like a needle sewing thread

  1. Thanks so much for the glowing endorsement! We hope we can be your fabric store of choice in the future!

    P.S. – Don’t you just love 1001 Peeps???? Your quilt is fabulous!

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